Vicars Grads at Work: Henriette Smith

Henriette graduated from our Edmonton campus in 2015. She now owns her own clinic – System Health Centre in Morinville, Alberta – where she provides relaxation and therapeutic massage as well as Contemporary Cupping and foot reflexology treatments.

What do you most enjoy about being an RMT?Henriette Smith at work

I love working one-on-one with clients to address their individual needs. Seeing a person’s progress and hearing that they feel much better is truly what I love.”

How do you keep yourself well and fit for such an active career?

“The physical demands of being a massage therapist has made me far more physically active than the desk job that I used to have. I have also started eating more healthful foods.”

How did MH Vicars School prepare you for a career as an RMT?

“MH Vicars School prepared me fully for my career as a Massage Therapist. We learned anatomy, practical massage, the emotional component of working with people, business management, administration and so much more…”

What sets you apart from other RMTs?

“I am a more mature therapist (age wise) so I have extensive experience working with people over the years. This has prepared me for interacting with many people of all different ages with many different health concerns.”

What are you most proud of in your career?

“My clients’ successes! I love nothing more than knowing a client feels better.”

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Author: Robin Collum