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Christmas is a week away, and Hanukkah’s already begun… have you and your family completed your shopping?

If you – or someone who’ll be shopping for you – need some last-minute gift inspiration, look no further. The Vicars School elves have put together a list of gifts for massage therapists (and massage therapy students). 

Check out our suggestions, and then tell us what we’ve missed in the comments!


  • New sheets (is there any better gift than not having to do laundry as often?)

  • Washable massage table-sized blanket (we use fleece ones at the School)

  • Table warmer with washable cover

  • Thermophore – a bit more of an investment than some of the items on this list, but trust us, “yule” love it

  • New scrubs. Who says washable can’t be fashionable?

  • Empty lotion bottles – the perfect stocking stuffer

  • Essential oils such as lavender and Japanese mint

  • Foot massage lotion

  • Wheat/rice bags

  • Gel packs for cold hydrotherapy

  • Eye pillows

  • Small towels

  • Body bolster set

  • Trigger point chart

  • “Anatomy Trains” by Thomas Myers, a fascinating book on the role of fascia for bodyworkers

  • “Atlas of Human Anatomy” by Frank Netter. The world’s most popular anatomy atlas.

  • Stability ball, theraband, yoga mat, tennis balls, and other remedial exercise staples

Some of this is available from specialty stores like Massage Essentials, the Massage Therapy Supply Outlet, and Tension Prevention. Others can be found at sports stores, and of course online.

Can you think of anything we’ve missed? What’s on your massage wish list? Let us know in the comments.