Vicars School Student Massage Clinics: The best deal in town!

If you’re looking for a high-quality massage in Edmonton or Calgary at a bargain price, look no further than the student clinics at Vicars School of Massage Therapy.

But don’t just take our word for it!

I’ve been a massage therapist for 21 years and I have to say that the students at Vicars give very good and professional massages. They are knowledgeable, have a firm/confident pressure; the draping is done correctly. I’m always impressed and feel more relaxed when I leave there. I also highly recommend this school if you’re considering a career in massage therapy!

Annette C, Vicars School of Massage Therapy Edmonton Student Clinic Client


This is my favourite massage school. The students are consistently well-trained to deliver excellent service. I have always, without fail, received fabulous massages. The clinics are well-organized and the atmosphere is professional and pleasant.

Victoria L, Vicars School of Massage Therapy Calgary Student Clinic Client

An effective massage for you, and hands-on education for your therapist

As a clinic, our goal is to provide you with an effective and enjoyable massage that’s specifically tailored to your needs. (And a bargain, to boot: each $35 appointment includes an assessment, a one-hour massage, and a short home-care consultation).

As a school, our goal is to provide our students with a thorough and practical massage therapy education.

Our clinics get rave reviews from clients, and our students are in high demand from employers. (The hands-on training they get in clinic is one of the biggest reasons why).

So how have we managed to find that perfect balance between your needs and those of your therapist?

It’s simple: by making it all about you! Well, sort of! Our number one priority as a school is—and always has been—making sure that we are preparing our students for successful real-world careers. And being a successful RMT is all about having the skills and knowledge to give your clients the highest-quality care. We teach our students to measure their success by how much they can help you. And that’s the attitude that they bring to each student clinic appointment.

“Our clients value our public clinic because it’s a place where they can come and to be heard and to receive a really thorough and really attentive treatment from our student therapists,” explains Alyssa Collins, Calgary clinic coordinator.

“At public clinic, our students get to see and treat all kinds of different people. This is an opportunity to work on many different bodies and to practice what they’ve been learning in class,” adds Janine Borger.

Janine is one of our longest-serving faculty members and has taught students and supervised clinics in both Edmonton and Calgary. “But it’s also a chance for them to hone their skills of interaction—the soft skills, the people skills—that are so important for a successful massage career. They can’t learn that just by working on other students, or even friends and family.”

How is a student massage different?

Vicars School is absolutely awesome to go to for massages. I have been going there for over a year and feel so grateful that this school allows for affordable massage. I feel very confident with the services, as an instructor always checks in during my appointment to make sure there are no questions from the therapist or myself. I have had quite a few massages in my life and can honestly say that some of the best have been through this school!

Wendy M, Vicars School of Massage Therapy Edmonton Student Clinic Client

We get remarks like Wendy’s all the time. We’ve gotten used to comments like “this was the best massage I’ve ever had!” or “I can’t believe a student was able to give a massage that good,” but we’ll never get tired of hearing it.

“Our clients consistently tell me how much they value these appointments,” says Alyssa. some of them drive all the way across the city just to come see us, because of the level of professionalism, dedication, and care that our students show.”

As talented as our therapists are, though, they’re still students. That means that the experience you’ll get at a Vicars clinic will be a bit different than what you’ll get elsewhere.

The most important thing to understand when you book an appointment with us is that your massage therapist will be working within what’s called their “scope of practice.” They’re still a student, so they’re still practicing their hands-on skills and are still learning how to treat certain conditions.

Of course, every therapist at our clinic has to meet a certain skill level before they begin seeing clients. Students don’t start working at the clinic until they are able to give a full relaxation massage treatment and know the steps of assessment and treatment planning. But each student massage will be a little bit different, depending on where your student therapist is in the program.

This is also where the clinic supervisors come in!

Superhero supervisors

All of my experiences with the students have been top notch. They are friendly, caring and professional. They review any limitations or injuries you may be having prior to treatment. They also regularly check in to see if there is any discomfort. They will also verbalize where they will focus treatment on. If they are unsure of anything they will check with their instructor or ask when the instructor comes along to see how things are going. At the end of the treatment they recommend exercises to help yourself to overcome any injuries or tightness. I have never had anything but positive experiences with Vicars School of Massage.

Nola S, Vicars School of Massage Therapy Calgary Student Clinic Client

The supervisor plays a dual role.

They’re there for you, the client, making sure your massage treatment and overall clinic experience is safe, effective, and positive. If at any point in your clinic visit you have any questions or concerns, you can ask either your therapist or the supervisor.

They’re also there for your student therapist. They will answer questions and offer feedback and support during or after the appointment.

“Our supervisors aren’t just massage therapists, which is great in its own right,” explains Alyssa. “They’re  also specifically trained to facilitate student learning in the clinical environment. So it’s not just about massage therapy, it’s also about education and ongoing support for the students.”

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Robin Collum
Author: Robin Collum